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QConSP 2018

Estou com o pessoal da Camunda no estande do evento QConSP e compartilho aqui os slides da apresentação na trilha de soluções e algumas fotos e links interessantes sobre Orquestração de Microserviços.

Tivemos uma sala cheia na apresentação “3 Common Pitfalls in Microservice Integration” por Patricio Zambrano, Technical Consultant at Camunda, Inc

Slides da apresentação

Clique aqui para acessar os slides da apresetação em PDF.

Palestra: 3 Common Pitfalls in Microservice Integration

Clique aqui para ver nos SlideShrare os slides de “3 Common Pitfalls Microservices Integration” por Patricio Zambrano

  1. How to implement a sophisticated failure handling strategy avoiding distributed failures issues;
  2. How to handle timeouts in an asynchronous context;
  3. How to retain consistency in case of distributed transactions failures.

Integrating microservices and taming distributed systems is hard. In this talk I will present three challenges I’ve observed in real-life projects and discuss how to avoid them:

  • Communication is complex. With everything being distributed failures are normal so you need sophisticated failure handling strategies (e.g. stateful retry);
  • Asynchronicity requires you to handle timeouts. This is not only about milliseconds, systems get much more resilient when you can wait for minutes, hours or even longer;
  • Distributed transactions cannot simply be delegated to protocols like XA. So you need to solve the requirement to retain consistency in case of failures.
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